Wednesday, March 27

Bedroom Makeover

So you've probably heard me mention on a couple of occasions that we're working on a bedroom makeover at the Nick and Kait abode. It's true, we never really decorated the bedroom when we moved in, and at any time in the proceeding 12 months. Well, we're finally getting around to it (read, I'm getting around to it, he couldn't care less) and it's been great fun.

The first thing I did was move the bed from beneath the window on the short wall, to the long wall where we'll be able to fit a set of matching dressers on each side. It's my dream to get a little symmetry going on and do away with the old dresser and end table combination. If you've been around the blog for a while you might recall I've been using a suit case on my side of the bed as a makeshift endtable, LOL, not cool.

Bedroom Makeover

So far:
  • We purchased a green striped duvet cover awhile ago. 
  • I moved the bed to the longer wall to accommodate dressers. 
  • I purchased two of these gorgeous wall sconces to hang on either side of the bed (task lighting for the win! Finally!) 
  • I cleaned up the floor and organized our existing dresser so our clothes all have homes. We also filled up four garbage bags of clothes and took them to Goodwill. 
Next steps:
  • Buy some fabric to hang behind the bed as a headboard. I already have a tapestry hanger lined up. It's rustic wood so it will look great with the lamps.
  • Purchase new dressers from IKEA.
  • And the matching bed with under-bed storage!
  • Purchase some drapes. I'm planning on hanging some plain white drapes using a thin curtain rod and command strips so we don't have to put holes in the wall. As a renter, I consider command strips to be next to godliness.
  •  Buy some black and white accents to add some graphic pattern and interest to the room. 
  • Buy one of these amazing quilts from Etsy seller Gypsya. I'm having the hardest time ever choosing between the two (opinions wanted!)
  • And you can't see it in the inspiration board above, but I would like to add a small bookcase like this, or this in the corner previously occupied by my suitcase.
In case you need a refresher, this is what the bedroom looked like shortly after we moved in. Note by orange suitcase and our lack of a duvet cover, or for that matter, any decorations at all. Walls were still bare up till a couple weeks ago.

 You can see another pic, with our duvet cover, here.

If you want to follow along, you can check out my pinterest board here.

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