Thursday, February 21

House Tour (1)

So, it's been a very long time coming (we've been in this apartment for almost a year and a half now!) but things are finally beginning to look the way I want them to. Obviously we're restricted in that we can't paint or change light fixtures, or change window coverings -- but we're getting more comfortable with putting holes in the walls (I was so nervous for the first little while to do that!). I took these pictures on a lovely winter afternoon when the light was particularly nice in the apartment. There are some definite hold overs from Christmas throughout, (including Sammy, our Christmas seal!) but I'm happy with how things are looking.

A beautiful wall calendar designed by RedStarInk, Nicks helmet, my lemur (a souvenir from the London Zoo). Superstore hedgehog wall clock. 

Home Outfitters chalk board, DIY tassel garland, I love My Family sticker by Beauchamping, Home Outfitters tray and salt and pepper shakers and tree cushions, gifted owl cushion, Urban Outfitters sloth cushion, IKEA sheep skins. DIY thrift-ed chairs.
Water scene painting is my own, Van Gogh Sunflowers, Gustav Klimt nude, instagram pictures printed by Snapstagram, DIY embroidery hoops. 'Vintage' photography lamp, Home Outfitters table lamp, Indigo throw blanket.

DIY tree stump table, Boutique Cascades cat teepee, thrifted chairs, IKEA duvet cover, Stuff Kara Made Oh My Pillowcase, DIY sweet dreams wall art.

Things will always be evolving, but I love our apartment and I love living here. I also love decorating it. ;) If you're interested, our couch is from The Brick, and our dining table was a gift from Nick's parents. You'll probably also notice I use a lot of Washi tape -- I buy all my washi tape from Etsy.

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