Thursday, February 14

Happy Heart Day

Well, Valentines day has come and I hope you're able to hold the one you love tonight! I was delighted to visit Duchess Bake Shop yesterday and pick out a few delightful treats for my Valentine and I to share.

We're going to make dinner together tonight (usually my area of expertise, but a better experience when shared) I'm thinking lemon and ricotta filled ravioli from scratch. I love making fresh ravioli and I always need a hand rolling out the dough! For dessert we have the chocolate, rosemary and fleur de sel cookies I picked up from Duchess, along with their blood orange marshmallows with some tasty hot chocolate.  Nick loves hot chocolate (he doesn't drink tea or coffee!) and I love him.

We'll follow up our candlelit dinner with some Stranger then Fiction, and possibly some cat cuddles.

Remember to say I love you, and have a good Valentines day my dears!

H&M top, Modcloth dress, The Gap belt, boots from Beyond the Rack

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