Wednesday, January 9

Sweater Obsession

Lately I've been getting into lots of trouble buying sweaters online.

I don't know what it is about sweaters -- maybe the fact that they're stretchy and thus a pretty safe internet purchase, maybe it's because it's cold and at the beginning of the winter I realized I had no sweaters (I have more then made up for this slight since then). In any case, I can't stop buying sweaters. Hopefully this sweater-itis will be cured soon since spring is coming and I won't need such a bountiful sweater wardrobe for a while (here in Edmonton I have at least two to three months to wear all these).
Sweater Obsession

You've seen the first culprit (also known as the breaking of the sweater dam) in my outfit pics before. It's the softest, cozy-est mohair sweater I have ever had the pleasure of wearing and I love it to death.

Next I purchased this navy and white boat-neck number (all of the others have yet to arrive so cross your fingers for me) swiftly followed by the irresistible cat sweater. I justified number 4 by saying "I don't have any sweater cardigans and I want one that's got fringe! My wardrobe needs it to be fulfilled!" and the latest, number 5, with "all the other bloggers have one and it's on sale!".

Obviously I have a problem.

If you see any other sweaters pop up on the blog please call me out with a stern "WHY DID YOU BUY ANOTHER SWEATER YOU CRAZY PERSON YOU MUST BE SO WARM".

That's like $200 worth of sweaters right there. Kill me now.

Anyone else have an itchy trigger finger when it comes to online shopping? Or a kind of clothing you can't say no to? LOL, please tell me you do?

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