Tuesday, January 15

Right Now (7)

Reading: "Blog Inc" by Joy Cho. I purchased this book on KOBO quite awhile ago, but am just getting around to reading it now. I've read a lot of material on blogging and wasn't sure how helpful the book would be, but I've been immensely inspired. I really enjoy the information she's chosen, and the interviews with bloggers and companies has been really enlightening. I've started working on a little side project inspired by the book, we'll see if anything comes of it!

Watching: Nick and I have been watching Fringe on Netflix the last couple weeks. When it originally aired I did watch the first season, but Nick's never seen it. There are just a couple episodes left to air in the series so it seems like a good time to get caught up!

Listening to: The Album "Hadestown" by Anias Mitchell. Man, is this lady brilliant or what. It's a concept album with a beginning, middle and end. Specifically those of Greek musician and mythological figure, Orpheus and his doomed love. The guest stars on the album range from Bon Iver to Ani Difranco. Here's my two favorite tracks:

Thinking About: Attending a cat behavioral class. Haha. It seems silly but in the last few days I feel like my sweet baby kitten has turned into an arm eating, human flesh craving demon spawn. Suddenly his little bites aren't as playful as they were before -- he leaves quite the mark! Maybe it's a hyper, teenage phase. A girl can hope. 

Thankful For: My sweet boyfriend who has been the greatest partner and love the last couple weeks. All quiet, sweet gestures and forehead kisses. Love this guy.

Planning: On the continued purge of my closet. Nick and I started cleaning on Sunday and so far I've amassed a garbage bag of clothes to take to Goodwill, and color coded my main closet. This is important. I tend to only hang things up if I feel like there's a reason to and hey, color coding is kinda fun. I still have to go through my drawers, under bed storage and second closet. I may have a problem. I have a few things I don't want to donate, a few Anthropologie pieces that I can't stand to throw in a garbage bag.  Wondering if I should do a post with pics and see if anyone is interested?

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