Wednesday, January 2

One Year in Outfits 2012

This year I thought it would be fun to go back and take a look at my favorite outfits, one for each month of the year. Man, was it ever interesting for me to gather all my favorites into one post! I feel like I really learned a lot.

An example of things I learned from putting together this roundup:

1. In my favorite pictures I am looking away from the camera. Seriously, there are only two exceptions!

2. My hair grows crazy fast! It only really stayed short for four months!

3. Also I need a hair cut.

4. I have been in a serious style rut for the last two months. Haha. I had sooo  many pictures to pic from in February, March and April and from there on the number of good outfits/pictures began to dwindle (excepting a serious flurry of activity in October. Lots to choose from there, and mostly due to the addition of my awesome polka dot chambray shirt. Best purchase of the year?).
5. My favorite pictures are taken outside. Hmmm. New years resolution number one?

How funny is it the way these picture groups worked out? Two pics sitting down side by side, and for each pairing I'm facing the same direction (with one exception)!

I'm thinking about going back to 2011 and doing a retroactive 'year in outfits' recap, but maybe I'm the only one having this much fun. ;)

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