Thursday, January 3

New Camera

So: exciting update!

After Christmas I was able to take advantage of some boxing day sales and purchase a new camera!

My Sony A100 was serviceable for awhile but in the end it didn't have the low light capabilities I needed (since we've already determined I shoot too many pics indoors) and it wasn't compatible with wireless shutter remotes which was something I really needed if I wanted to start taking more of my own pics (giving me more creative control). Also, the Sony camera didn't have any video capabilities.

After reading many reviews and doing quite a bit of research online, I decided to go with the Nikon D5100. Now, you might be aware that Nikon is soon to release the Nikon D5200 to replace the 51. You might then wonder why I went with this soon to be 'old news' model. Well, it really came down to price. I knew I wanted a Canon or Nikon and the 5100 is supposed to be a step above the entry level Canons like the Rebel while still being around the same price point. Lucky for my tight purse strings I managed to procure a body only model for $399 from London Drugs (when it was released the body only model was in the $700 range).
There she is! 
Now, the next hurdle (after finding the last one in the city and having to drive across town to pick it up) was the fact that I would need a lens. I knew the favorite lens of bloggers everywhere is the 50mm and it also performs well in low light so I chose that for my first lens purchase. I managed to find one of those (again, mostly sold out in stores by this point. I definitely under estimated the veracious shopping of those who venture out during boxing day sales) online at Best Buy. I purchased it (and was able to use a $50 gift card!) for $119.

The next things I needed to purchase were the aforementioned remote control and a memory card! It completely slipped my mind that the body only model wouldn't come with even a small memory card. Silly me. Luckily I've been spending nights reading through the manual while I wait for the lens to arrive and it says right in there that the memory card is sold separately. Well, that's fine! I got to purchase a larger memory card then I had previously been using. I got this Sandisk Extreme 16 GB one on sale for $24 and paid an extra $12 for one day shipping so it will arrive at the same time as my lens!

Oh, also? My camera does this.
HAHA. Probably not the most important feature to the average DSLR user, but kinda a big deal for someone who primarily wants to take photos of herself.

Now I just sound vain.

Well, I'm not quite done yet. I think now that I've purchased everything I need to get started I'll take some time to save up again, but next on the list are a 35mm lens and the Nikon speedlight SB-400 flash which tilts up so it can be bounced it off the ceiling.

Obviously I'm a little excited. On the agenda next will be me trying to sell my Sony A100 and accessories (know a guy? huh huh?). Everything should be in my hot little hands (except the remote which will be a few weeks) by this weekend so expect a barrage of photos while I get to know this pretty little lady. I also have a lot to do as far as researching lenses and accessories goes. If someone would be kind enough to tell me what the deal is with lens filters, that would be great thx.

Of course this all plays into one of my first New Years goals of 2013: become a better photographer and take more photos of little life things. This has been a goal for the past two years (since I started this blog!) and even though I know that equipment doesn't make the photographer, I feel more prepared and even researching for these purchases has given me a better understanding.

Did you treat yourself this Christmas with any boxing day purchases?

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