Monday, January 14

Like A Glow Worm

The famed parka you've heard so much about. This thing keeps me warm up to -35.
 These are the first outfit pictures taken by my new Nikon D5100! I finally have a working lens and have had so much fun the last few days taking pictures with it! So much fun in fact that you are going to be inundated with random pictures from my weekend soon to show of my new cameras low light capabilities. ;)

I bought this awesome sweater after seeing Jen from Jen Loves Kev wearing it. My first thought being "I love the Gap, that sweaters from the Gap, I want that sweater!" I'm such a consumer. When wearing this delight I seemed to literally be glowing. Like a neon sign, a safety vest, or yes, like a glow worm. Haha.

Anyway, we finally took a trip to The Mall, capital T capital M (meaning West Edmonton Mall, the biggest shopping destination in town, if you're not familiar). There I purchased two neon sweaters from The Gap, a pretty dress and necklace from Anthro, a sweater from Aritzia (see a theme? Told you I have a sweater problem) as well as a dress and a pair of jeggings from Simons. We had a blast and properly tired ourselves out walking around The Mall! To give you an idea of how out of shape I am, I've been sore for the two days since we went. ;)
Neon sweater by The Gap (recent), jeggings from Simons, booties from H&M, Parka from Winners (old) and bag from Shoe Warehouse
Even Nick got something new from our shopping trip -- he picked this red hoodie up at Simons!

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