Wednesday, January 23

How to Survive a Canadian Winter (And Look Good While Doing it)

How to Survive a Canadian Winter

One of the biggest fashion issues for myself, born and raised on the Canadian prairies, is the weather. 
To say that Edmonton has a temperamental forecast doesn't really begin to encompass the sheer back and forth of it (further evidenced by the fact that in July of 2012 I shared some tips for keeping cool during the +30C temperatures!). For example, last week it got to +7C and this week we're experiencing dips of -22C. This means that you had better have shoes with good treads and a comfy parka for your walks to and from the car. 
My way of dealing with it? See the above graphic. In it you will find an attractive and warm Parka by a brand called Canada Goose. It is also labeled under "Arctic program" and comes in 11 colours. Completely necessary. Find yourself a reputable company with Canada in the  name if you want a truly warm winter coat. Actually, you can probably get away with anything that has "Ski jacket" in the name, but 11 colours is pretty bad-ass.
Next, you will require a pair of winter boots that are at least half water proof, and lined with fleece. That's very important. I actually own these Sorel's and I love them. JCrew has also collaborated with Sperry's on these kick ass boots in the same pricepoint.
Now that you have these two important items may I also suggest a pair of fleece lined leggings, some layering sweaters, warm socks, and a snood. Snoods are best because they are easily appropriated into a hat or cape. Trust me. Also required will be a hat and mittens. Don't forget the mittens. (Seriously, don't.)
Accessorize with a fuzzy Pendleton bag, some sunglasses to ward off the strong winter sun (which will be reflecting up at you from the snow with the power of six strong winter suns). And last but not least, don't forget to moisturize. You'll thank me.

And there you have it, how to stay warm and stylish. You wouldn't believe how long it took me to marry the two (I'll never be one of those girls who can wear tights and a mini skirt with a jean jacket thrown over top in the middle of winter, nope, not me).

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