Monday, January 28

Hello There!

I wore this cozy outfit on Saturday while we ran some errands, played some video games, and saw Les Miserable for the second time. This sweater was one of the eight I purchased during my sweater craze (everyday is a struggle people) and I love it to pieces. I had wanted one of the Hello Merch sweaters since I saw it on A Beautiful Mess and Skunkboy Blog long and ever ago but I wasn't sure what size to order since I didn't know if it fit loose or true to size! In the end I went with a large just to be safe and I think I definitely would have fit a medium. That's OK though, because I love how cozy it is! When I can justify another sweater purchase I might buy the red version in a medium. ;)

I haven't worn a lot of makeup since I got my job at Nait, probably because I don't have to wear a uniform (I'm a retail graduate) so I can express my individuality in other ways now. However, the last couple days I've been doing this smoky eye thing by using a shimmery purple eye liner (by cat eyes) and then covering it with a deep plum eye shadow. I've been getting a lot of compliments so I've included a pic here that shows my eye liner. Super easy and it doesn't take me hardly any extra time. I'm thinking I need to buy some other colors of eye liner to go with my vast eye shadow collection. 

Jeans Joe Fresh, tank top Gap, Hello Merch sweater, Diana's treasures infinity scarf

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