Tuesday, January 1

2012 Recap

2012 was a great year.

2012 was the year that Nick and I set out on our own and survived to tell the tale. We did chores, cleaned house on a semi regular basis, cooked meals, tried lots of new cookie recipes, and fell in love all over again every morning. We took in concerts (Queen Extravaganza, The Black Keys) hosted innumerable role playing game nights, and ate more tacos then I would ever have believed possible (always a crowd pleaser and easy to make in the crock pot).

I lived off peaches and avocado mash all summer, he was working odd hours so we made Thursdays our day and we made time to go to the outdoor pools and eat Fomoso pizza.

We fell in love with a little trouble maker of a kitten named Tommy and for a short few weeks we weren't sure if he was going to come home with us at all. Luckily, he became ours and he filled our days with laughter and life. Also trouble.

We visited with long away friends, took in more nature then we're used to, I discovered the joys of crown floats (and a new favorite bar) and for Halloween I made an excellent hipster. I started reading again and I read veraciously.

We flew away to sunny Cabo San Lucas and had a blast! And then we came home and enjoyed the holidays with our family, our cat, and our friends. It was an excellent year with barely any complaints.

We don't know what 2013 will have in store for us, no one does! We know that 2011 was a hard year and 2012 made everything OK again. We hope that this peace will continue into the new year and onwards.

This year I want to take a new step in our relationship. I want to train our cat not to bite. I want to organize and decorate and keep things clean. I want to remember to do laundry every week. I want to see lots of movies and see the good ones twice. I want to read lots of books. I want to make a point of going away for our anniversary. I want to improve my photography (I bought a new camera for Boxing Day). I want to save more money and spend less week to week. I want to cook more and eat out less. I want to loose a few pounds and be more active. Simple goals for what I hope will be an excellent 12 months.

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