Tuesday, December 4

The Creeping Cold at Bay

As you can probably guess, the vacation photos are coming along slowly and I'll be sharing them in the next couple of days. So far, I've edited all the outfit pictures and will be interspersing them with other pics of our time in lovely Cabo.

Rather surprisingly, although I do wish I could go back ASAP, I'm not feeling as resentful as I usually am of our cold Edmonton winter weather. It's been chilly and snowy and kinda beautiful since we returned. Maybe our time away from it has warmed my heart to the beauty of winter. At least my skin remembers the sun.

I took these pics not long before we left on our trip and I just love the one of little Tommy in the window. He's one of those strange cats whose tail is always in the air with his little bum sticking out, haha, I can't help but think it's incredibly cute. He's so tiny still! I keep fearing I'll wake up one morning to a full grown cat.

H&M sweater and dress and socks, Rickies necklace and leggings, Minnetonka moccasins

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