Wednesday, December 5

Our First Day In Cabo

Skirt (from a dress) ASOS, bathing suit ASOS, T-shirt H&M
I've done some serious editing and finally I can start sharing my vacation pics with you!

I wore this outfit on Sunday, our first full day in Mexico! The shirt is something I picked up specifically for this trip from H&M. It's a very light weight and loose fitting shirt so it was an excellent coverup and I could easily tie it different ways as well. The necklace is special -- my Mum and I decided we really wanted to start our week off right and go to the spa for pedicures. I wanted Nick to get a massage so he came with us. When we got there I pointed to this necklace in a glass cabinet and mentioned that it was pretty. When Mum and I finished our pedicures (which were amazing BTW, I had never had one before!) Nick was waiting with the necklace in hand. He knows how to impress me!
We headed to the infinity pool not long later and I ended up braiding my hair back. Here we are again in a picture my father took from our balcony right before we headed off in search of food. We had amazing views of Lands End and the Sea of Cortez!
It's been great going through all my vacation pics and editing them. I get to re-live a lot of the fun! Of course I'm also kicking myself for not taking enough pics. Thankfully my Dad had my back on that one.

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