Thursday, December 6

One day in Cabo

Modcloth Dress, American Eagle Sunglasses, H&M belt
So I'm a little out of order already, but these photos are from the day we first arrived in Cabo! We took an early morning flight from Edmonton to Phoenix and then arrived in Cabo around 2:00pm. We escaped the crowded airport to calls of "Senior! Senorita!" (everyone in the airport wants to sell you a time share) and found ourselves emerging into the heat of Cabos mid afternoon sun. There had been no time between our flights to find food, and barely anything to eat on the short flights, so we were starving. Seriously. I was light headed. I calmly (probably not calmly) demanded my father buy me something to snack on from the only street vendor in sight and soon we were in our shuttle on the way to the resort and I was happily munching on chilli and lime flavored frito's (it may have been my emotional state but this was probably my favorite meal of the trip).

When we arrived at the resort we had an hour or so to wait until our room was ready so they plunked us down at the table above and force fed us free margaritas. At our resort everything came in two's and it took us a while to realize that when you order one margarita you will be drinking two. Later in the week we shared -- this particular day we may have accidentally over imbibed (judging from my mothers silly-ness).

From our hotel room we could see directly down into this beautiful, colorful restaurant and immediately knew we had to eat there. Little did we know we had discovered Edith's -- one of the most famous (and expensive) restaurants in Cabo. Nick and I shared a sea food platter with decadent lobster, basa, and huge butterflied shrimp. I wore this adorable River Island tropical playsuit which I had rush shipped a few days before we left. I wore it twice, but didn't get any outfit pics for you so you will have to imagine it from these.

It was a magical first day and after stuffing ourselves with the most expensive meal of our trip we headed back to our room and all fell asleep. Haha, we're not very adventurous travelers I'm afraid. Oddly, this is one of three days I remember most vividly. Most of the trip was spent lounging by the pool or reading on the beach and they all seem to blur together in my memory. It's funny how the brain compresses things, it's like I'm running out of room in there so I pick three days to recall and suddenly my 7 day trip is reduced into this tropical smoothie with small chunks of, OH RIGHT, that's what we did!

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