Friday, December 7

My Etsy Christmas

I've already shared my Christmas wishlist, but because I'm also in love with Etsy I thought I would share my Etsy wishlist as well.

There is so much jewelry on Etsy that I am in love with. However, I never buy this stuff for myself because I have difficulty spending more then 20$ on a necklace. I know it's gorgeous and totally worth it... I just have a spending/cheapskate problem OK?

I'm currently in the market for a beautiful camera strap like this one, and I'm stupid obsessed with tiny crocheted or felted succulents. Why? It's hard to explain. Perhaps the fact that they don't require attention or care, my cat wouldn't eat them/poke himself on them, and I wouldn't have to worry about them being knocked over either. PLUS they're absolutely adorable, last forever, and would be a great conversation starter. If I don't get any from Santa I'll be buying up the whole shop trust me.

I also happen to love the idea of fleecy liners for my new rainboots, an adorable embroidered oven mitt, and you have got to see these beautiful hand made coverlets. They're amazing, truly. So many different beautiful designs (my favorite is actually this one but I don't think Nick would be a fan) and for very reasonable prices.

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