Tuesday, December 11

Maxi Dress in Mexico

I wore this outfit on the night of our Mexican Fiesta -- it was a pretty amazing experience! I had only brought this one necklace and a pair of earrings by way of jewellry and I had planned to pair it with this dress.

For the fiesta, we went down to the Baja Cantina on the beach and sat at our table in the sand. We splurged on delicious food and drinks and were treated to traditional dances, and a mariachi band. Near the end of the evening there was a dance-off competition and about five men, including Nick, were called to the stage! Nick took it home with his unbridled enthusiasm and complete lack of embarrassment. We won a huge bottle of Tequila!

After the dance-off we were pulled into a conga line which finished on stage amid an amazing fireworks display. It was pretty crazy! I remember thinking, as the fireworks buzzed off directly above our heads to explode over the water, that my poor smokey-the-bear father must be worried about their proximity -- but he was thouroughly enjoying himself.  He shrugged at me "what can you do? I figured, might as well enjoy it!".

Gap maxi dress, H&M necklace
Sorry about the terrible picture quality -- we spend most of the day time in bathing suits and didn't really get dressed and ready to go out until later in the evening when the sun had set. I only managed a small selection of pictures that were taken of me in the day light! This also explains my sour facial expression caused by lack of pictures working out. Haha, I get so frustrated when I can't get my camera to behave!

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