Thursday, December 13

Lovers Beach

 Mid week we decided that we had to make it out to the secluded 'Lovers Beach' near The Arch. On previous trips my parents had seen, but never visited Lovers Beach and it seemed like the perfect day trip. We started our day by visiting famous restaurant The Office on the beach only steps away from our resort. We had seen an episode of "Chucks Week Off" where he visited The Office and learned how to make a seafood omelet so everyone in my little party was obsessed with the idea of having one (Except me. Too many peppers.) After a delicious meal with some of the most amazing ambiance (blue umbrellas form a roof for the restaurant and the beautiful ornate white tables and chairs with colorful tablecloths are perched right in the sand) we hired a The Office boat to take us to Lovers Beach.
If any of you are going to go to Cabo and decide to do the same thing as us, I would highly recommend paying for The Office boat instead of another boat off the beach. The captain was very very sweet, the ride was better priced then others we saw, and the boat was adorable. It had a glass bottom and a straw roof! The best part though was that it had a little step ladder. Haha, we didn't know how lucky we were until we saw people trying to catch boats without step ladders. There were beach attendants who would literally throw people into the backs of these boats head first, as the water was always rough and there was no dock.
 The swimming pics aren't from the same day but you get the point. ;)

I'm not sure if he's laughing or yelling at me. I get the feeling he was shouting at me to grab the other end of the towel so he could lay it down. Haha. I also managed to get sand in the poor guys eye while we were there and we had no mirror, no bathroom, and his contact lens was all folded over. He tried for what seemed like a super long time to fix it before remembering his phone had a 'mirror' app using the front facing camera. Thank goodness. Travel tip -- if you wear contact lenses make sure you always have a small mirror and a case for them in case one needs to be removed.

This last picture is from our first visit to the Baja Brewing Company! They're the first (and currently only) brewing company in the Baja and they had a location right on the roof of our resort! Nick is a lover of stout and strong ales so he was very happy to have access to such things when most of the resort is serving Coronas. This was a special "members party" for members of the resort and was the only night I wore makeup. ;)

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