Monday, December 17

Last Day at Lands End

This is my last post about our vacation in Mexico!

On our last full day in Cabo, we had an excursion planned.

Our resort had a great deal on snorkeling so after waking up and having our coffee in the room, Nick and I dragged my parents down to the Baja Cantina on the beach so we could have our favorite breakfast one last time (I loved having a cream cheese bagel with salsa fresca on top, and Nick loved their pigs in a blanket meal.) After breakfast we headed down to the Marina to wait for the boat.
I don't know what 's going on in that picture above, haha, I seem to be making chicken arms and saying NO, I don't want your sunscreen! Which in retrospect was a bad decision.

The boat did a short tour of Lands End so we could get some pictures by the famous Arch. While leaving the marina we saw lots of sea lions hitching rides on the backs of fishing boats, it was awesome.
The boat ride was pretty fun, they served plenty of alcohol but I mostly stuck to water due to my inability to ride a boat for more then twenty minutes. Haha. It was an hour to the snorkeling spot (Santa Maria Beach) and it wasn't long before I was sea sick. The following pic of me leaning on Nick may look romantic butI was leaning on him because he was the only thing that didn't feel like it was moving back and forth and I was not feeling like a happy girl.

Once we got into the water we all had a blast. Nick and I aren't super strong swimmers so we started with life jackets tied around our waists but it wasn't long before I took mine off. Swimming with those big flippers makes it almost effortless!

I took some pics with Dad's under water camera -- there were fishes everywhere and the captain of our boat was in the water feeding chunks of bread. I kept seeing this orange one closer to the bottom and swimming after it. We had a blast! When we returned to our hotel that night I discovered that I had sunburned my entire face! Haha, that will teach me not to wear a hat on a boat.

I wore this outfit that evening when we went for dinner. We decided to venture off the resort and found a delightful little restaurant close by that had delicious food.
I was wearing a lot of makeup that evening as it became quickly apparent I had burned my forehead and nose badly enough that they were bright tomato red. ;)

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