Tuesday, December 18

Christmas Outfit

Well, it's almost that time! Just a week away and I'm happy to say I'm done my Christmas shopping (with a few extras for me *wink*).
Christmas OutfitI picked up this red striped dress from the Gap on my last visit and am planning to wear it for our big family get together (which will be on Boxing day this year). I'm a traditionalist when it comes to dressing for Christmas and I love to wear red and green. I may or may not pair the dress with my knee patch tights. As adorable as they are I find they're not very comfortable (and when you're eating a big meal you want something comfortable, am I right?).

I'm so excited for Christmas this year! The only thing that makes me sad is that we're staying the night of Christmas Eve at my parents house and we wont get to see Tommy on his first Christmas morning! I'll be sad to be away from him for the night, he's such a sweet and cuddly kitten when he wants to be. ;)

Christmas day we'll be spending the morning with my parents, then picking up Tommy and heading to Nick's parents (he gets along very well with their two cats). In the evening we'll be seeing Les Miserables, and then spending the night at home. Boxing day we're back at my parents for Christmas dinner!

What are your plans for the holidays?

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