Friday, December 21

Christmas Morning

Every year for Christmas we get PJ's. It's the one thing I don't have to ever buy myself because no matter what I can count on Christmas for a new set of sleepwear. In fact, my sleepwear drawer is usually overflowing. One year my mum worked super hard and sewed my sister and I a set of matching night gowns with elastics around the wrists and necks. They were less then comfortable (especially as we grew) but ever so sentimentally sweet. I kept mine for way too long.

When I wake up on Christmas morning in my new pajamas I head straight to my sisters room and wake her up. It has always been this way. That girl can sleep. You would think the younger girl would want to wake up the eldest, but I have trouble sleeping when I'm excited so up I spring at a healthy 6am and wake her. Last year Nick and I stayed home for Christmas morning and I let him sleep. Unable to stay in bed or keep myself still I put together a blanket fort, waited a generous two hours and then woke him up. New traditions.

Christmas Morning

SO on Christmas day make sure you have a fresh pair of new pajamas -- it's an excellent feeling. Also on my board is a lightweight robe for your cool morning living room, a pair of delightfully fluffy moccasins, some body wash to leave you smelling like a freshly baked cookie, and a pair of glasses because you're gonna want to skip putting in your contacts and get straight to the presents under the tree. ;)

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