Monday, December 10

Cabo Villa's Beach Resort

I thought I would share a few things about the resort where we stayed (since we spent so much time there, haha). My parents own a timeshare at Cabo Villa's Beach Resort and Spa. They had been before so I trusted them to make the arrangements and up until we arrived didn't know a thing about where we would be staying. Perhaps that's what lent itself to the awe and admiration I felt for the place. It really was an amazing experience. Most of these pictures were taken right from our balcony in one of the Bay View suites.

Here's an idea of where the amenities were located and how we were able to stay pretty much on the resort the entire week:
The Beach is roped off right in front of the resort and considered part of the restaurant "Baja Cantina" as such you are treated to cozy fabric loungers and waiters who bring you food and drinks right there under your beach umbrella. That was the epitome of luxury for me! I loved it. There was also a pool side bar and grill at the infinity pool in the center of the resort (swim up bar, another thing I love), and of course the previously mentioned Baja Brewing Company on the roof. There are actually three different pools, but we only used the one.
Right on our balcony we had our own "hot tub" which was much more like a small swimming pool with jets due to the lack of actual heat (which was not missed). We spent a lot of time there sometimes in the evening and occasionally during the day if we were feeling like a dip but not like leaving our room, haha.

The view. Did I mention the view? It was absolutely breath taking and although we didn't get the sunrise (I wasn't up in time for it anyway) we were treated to several stunning sunsets. Seeing the water and the rocks right from our window may have contributed to our case of the shut-ins, but vacations are for relaxing right? We keep promising that next time we go (THERE WILL BE A NEXT TIME) we'll be up for more adventuring and town roaming.

Here are a few details of the resort I took with Instagram.

Anyway, If you're travelling to Cabo I would highly suggest Cabo Villas.

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