Wednesday, December 12

A Little Grecian

This is a very special dress that I don't wear very often. I purchased it as one of few souvenirs from when I went to Greece about four or five years ago (man, that went by quickly). It's very gauzy and slightly sheer (just right for over a bathing suit) so I don't wear it at home much, but man, was it ever perfect for Mexico. I paired it with a new souvenir -- a beaded purple necklace I picked up on the beach just outside our resort!
As with most of the trip we spent this day lazy-ing around the resort, dipping in and out of the various pools, and snacking on chips and guacamole! Every couple hours Nick and I (both of us tend to wilt in high heat) would mosey back to our room and spend some time reading in the air conditioned suite. We didn't mind spending time in that beautiful room!

Later the same afternoon we stopped by a show suite so Mum could show us what other kind of rooms were available. We loved the slightly different view there so we took a bunch of pictures on the balcony! As it was close to the end of the trip I was wearing a scarf over my shoulders as a cover up. I don't burn very easily but by the end I was getting slightly red!

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