Monday, November 5

The First Day of Winter

The First Day of Winter

Did you know the first day of winter isn't technically until December 21st? That's when the winter solstice is this year. Here in Alberta it certainly feels like winter is upon us. This past week we were hit with a lot of snow! Luckily in the last few days it's been warmer and the snow is starting to melt. I'm hoping there will be a few fall-like days to come in November!

I recently purchased the sweater, tights, and backpack from this "first day of winter" appropriate outfit (Modcloth currently has a 25% off sale which included this amazing backpack I've been lusting over!). I'm lamenting the fact I didn't buy the boots when I had a chance! They're out of stock now. Oh well! I don't know why I'm feeling the pastels at the moment. Maybe it's just me lamenting the end of summer.

With just under two weeks until we leave for Mexico it could also be me anticipating a return to pastel weather... even if it's a brief one. ;) 

This past weekend we stayed inside and were as lazy as possible. We tried to get out and do outfit pictures (among other things like shop for groceries) but our outing was pretty much thwarted by God when we discovered a completely flat tire and a too small lug wrench. I'm considering re-creating some weekend outfits to photograph along with my weekday attire. Until then, look forward to some more packing advice and outfit inspirations!

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