Tuesday, November 13

Right Now (6)

Reading: I just started reading Les Miserables, the unabridged version, which is free on KOBO. So far it's a lot easier then I remember from the last time I attempted it, and I'm enjoying it immensely!

Watching: Skyfall -- Nick and I went to see the latest Bond film on the day it opened and absolutely loved it! I really enjoyed how the writers took us for a bit of a journey into Bonds past. For the first time I really felt like the characters in the film were developed, and three dimensional. Additionally, I'm a big fan of Naomie Harris and loved her as a natural curly haired, sassy as heck, bond girl.

Listening to: The Les Miserables soundtrack of course. Haha. I've been more then a little obsessed lately and that's lead me to listen to every song at least twice during the day. Actually I find it's excellent music for listening to while I work! I get a lot done! Of course I have to pause every so often to cry...

Thinking About: How close we are to leaving for Mexico! Nick and I are so excited to go on our first real vacation together and get away from the super cold weather here at home. I'm hoping to get lots and lots of outfit pictures in the sun of Cabo San Lucas!

Thankful For: Friends who will take care of our baby boy cat while we're gone! One of our best friends will be staying in the apartment with Tommy while we're away which is a huge relief!

Planning: I've been trying to get as many blog posts written this week as possible so I can schedule some for when we're out of town. I don't usually plan ahead like that and it's been challenging and fun at the same time! I might even have an outfit post to throw in!

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