Monday, November 19

My First Thanksgiving as a Hostess

For Canadians this is a very late post, but for my American friends it should seem a little  more timely. This year I was honored to host Nicks family for Thanksgiving at our apartment and some of you might remember the story of and excitement leading up to cooking my first turkey!

I thought it would be nice to share some pictures of how I decorated the apartment, and of our family having fun!
First, I went a little crazy in the fake flowers section at Micheals a couple of weeks before Thanksgiving. To make my centerpiece (which ended up sitting on my sewing table out of the way looking pretty) I collected a bunch of fake flowers, some wheat and dried grasses, a huge bag of popcorn kernels, a vintage jar (it actually has a blue tint in person, and a rope tied to the handle which you can't really see here), some harvest corn from wallmart of all places, and a bag of decorative pumpkins from Superstore. I arranged my flowers and grasses the way I liked, then wrapped the stems in electrical tape. I held them upright in the jar while pouring popcorn in. The popcorn not only hides the ugly stems and adds color, it also keeps the stems in place so your arrangement doesn't move around, and makes the jar nice and heavy so your cat can't drag it over (although he may try his darnedest). I had some metal letters spelling the word "EAT" laying around so I taped them to my tray with gold washi tape and surrounded them with the corn and pumpkins. I was very proud of my centerpieces... too bad they're hidden in our cabinets now to keep them away from Tommy.

I wanted to keep the actual dining table fairly simple to save room for all the food so I put piled a few Thanksgiving napkins and pumpkins randomly throughout!
AND, duhduhduh, the Turkey! He turned out very well but in all the hubbub I completely forgot to take a picture of him before we ate him. Haha. Here's a picture of him after his first ten or fifteen minutes of cooking when I took him out to put the bacon on him! He's stuffed with lemons and rubbed down with herb and lemon butter and boy was he tasty. The bacon eventually ended up in the gravy and I gotta tell you, Gordon (I was following Gordon Ramsey's recipe) makes an amazing gravy!
 Just about to dig in...
We are blessed with a long, skinny room so we added a fold out table to our dining one and wallah! Room for 8!
 And afterward we hung around and vegged. Here's Nick and his little sister: 
It was such a pleasure to host the holiday this year, and I can't wait to use my new found turkey experience to help out at Christmas. Nick was a great co-host, and his family contributed with amazing stuffing, vegetables, and desserts! Sticky Toffee cake and pumpkin pecan pie? Thanks ladies!

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