Thursday, November 15

In my Suitcase

So far I've shared with you what I'll be packing in my personal carry-on and my beach bag (technically one and the same). Today I have a few images to give you an idea of what I'll be packing in my suit case!

Nick and I purchased some carry-on sized suit cases (20 inches) so that no one in our party has to check their bags. I chose the pictured Delsey spinner, exclusive for The Bay.

It's cute and green and I kinda love it.

Anyway, this will be my first time vacationing and not checking a bag so I'm doing a lot of careful planning before I pack. I was so so inspired by Seventeenth and Irving's packing post here, and have read a lot of interesting tips from places like Cup of Jo. One article suggested packing everything in one color scheme (with the exception of one red dress of course) so items can be easily mixed and matched. I really like that tip and it just so happens a lot of my summer clothes happen to be blue.

SO without further ado, here's a sample of what I'll be packing for Mexico!

Packing for Mexico

  • I purchased this pair of white wedges in case we go out for a nice dinner or generally go somewhere a little dressier. I'm planning on wearing my pair of light blue sneakers on the plane and also packing my red saltwater sandals (which were pictured in carry-on post!)
  • I'm packing a couple pairs of denim shorts and a denim skirt. I'll be wearing a pair of long pants (my red jeans) on the pane.
  • My blue maxi dress (mine has stripes), and blue pencil skirt. 
  • A pair of short tights for under short dresses. 
  • Tanks, plain shirts and a cardigan. 
  • And a few choice pieces of jewelry. 
I'm also planning on bringing a selection of three or four sundresses and one pashmina scarf  to act as a scarf / plane blanket / shawl etc.

It's been a process but I'm planning on doing some more outfit planning tonight! Does anyone else take great joy in carefully planning everything they're going to pack for vacation? I think it's because I don't want to actually start putting things in my suit case so instead I plan... or maybe I'm just too eager a natural planner?

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