Wednesday, November 7

In My Carry-on

Since we're now officially starting the count down to our trip to Mexico (Ten days!) and Edmonton has been fraught with snow, I bring the continuation of my packing series!

A couple weeks ago I shared with you what will be in my beach bag and now I return with what will be in my 'personal' carry-on!

In My Carry-on

I'm going to be using my Seafolly beach bag as my personal item and filling it with the following essentials:
  • My passport of course (I just got a new one in the mail a few weeks ago!), and my travel wallet. A couple years ago I purchased the Lug travel wallet for my trip to Europe and I would highly suggest their travel products to anyone on the lookout.
  • My sunglasses will be firmly on my face, and I will be bringing my phone loaded with music and some travel apps. We'll be using Tango free international calling to keep in touch with eachother and with our cat-sitter back home. 
  • Say yes to cucumbers makes these amazing face cleansing cloths that are great for traveling and for refreshing your skin mid flight. I also plan on picking up some sample sized Hope In A Jar moisturizer for the flight! 
  • Other plane essentials have to be a scarf and a cardigan which can be worn in case it's chilly on board, and also double as some lighter layers for if it's cool at night in Mexico. It's always a good idea to wear your heaviest items on the plane to save room in your suit case (also ensuring it weighs yes and you don't get charged extra)!
  • Some snacks are a plane must, and my favorite magazine for reading is Real Simple, though of course I'll still be bringing my Kobo along for beach reading!
  • I haven't completely decided yet if I'll be taking my DSLR along, but if I do I think I'll be taking it in my personal item so I can keep track of it at all times during the flight and afterwards.
In a couple days I'll be sharing what's in my suit case, and then a peak of the actual outfits I have packed! 

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