Monday, November 26


Well we flew in Saturday/Sunday and arrived home to our apartment Sunday morning around 3:00am. Tommy was a bit stand-offish for the first few minutes. He refused to purr for us no matter how we snuggled him. Despite his misgivings, we tucked our over-tired selves into bed and in the morning he was more then happy to give me all the cuddles I wanted complete with full stereo purr.

Despite the temperature difference (it's 26 above in Cabo, and 15 below in YEG), the messy apartment, and getting back to business, we're happy to be home in Edmonton with the people (and kitten) we love.

I have a lot of pictures, some final words on packing for your Mexican beach vacation, and even some outfit posts to share with you in the coming weeks.

For now, I'm still dreaming of this view and hoping to see it again soon.

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