Friday, November 2

Halloween 2012

You will notice that Hipsters don't smile. Ever.
Here are some more shots (with my actual camera) of my scary, super ironic halloween costume. As you can see I rocked the monotone trend with a whole lot of red. I donned my only band shirt -- Queen -- and layered it up (I bought this plaid shirt from goodwill for the costume and it's amazing quality! At first I thought it was hand made but it has a label in the back. The things you find, right?). As we left the house I exclaimed to Nick "Hipsters must be so warm under all these layers!" he quipped back, "Hipters layer before it's cool". Because he secretly likes puns.
My sister, a real life hipster, will probably notice my hat is too far forward on my head in these photos. Hipsters don't believe in warm foreheads.
Joe Fresh pants, thrifted plaid shirt, H&M cardigan, Band shirt I bought in NY City when I was 16, scarf I recieved via groupon, gifted hat and Amazon glasses. Wearing Kat Von D lipstick.
Super ironic.
Nick was a half hearted lumberjack (we couldn't find a toy axe anywhere and we didn't even think to DIY, haha).
And his sister and her friends went as similarly half hearted kitties. Let's bump it up a notch next year shall we?

We have a Halloween party to go to tonight, and we're getting a new kitchen table! Nicks parents are trading tables with us because theirs is too large for their new dining room, and we have a lot of open space. We're getting the better end of the deal I'm afraid. It's a beautiful pub table with a drop down leaf and 8 chairs! Other then that I'm sure we'll spend the weekend hibernating from the cold. It's quite snowy in Edmonton right now and the roads aren't great. Not a good time to go anywhere! I'm sure Tommy won't mind if we stay in!

I hope everyone had a great Halloween and now have a fantastic weekend too!

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