Wednesday, November 28

Christmas Wishlist 2012

American Thanksgiving has past now and suddenly I am bombarded with the onslaught of wishlists, decorating, and gift buying for the holidays. It's funny how sudden our minds shift from one holiday to the next. It's December this weekend and that means Christmas.

This is our first Christmas with a little mischief making kitten to worry about, so we're debating whether or not to put up our tree.  We might opt to have a small table top tree instead of our full sized one to both accommodate the size of our apartment and our growing collection of furniture, and avoid any tree toppling disasters with little Tommy. Since we acquired a bigger dining table recently I've been increasingly overwhelmed by the disorganization of our space so my mum (an interior decorator herself) stopped by yesterday and helped me clean up and re-arrange everything. We got rid of a bunch of superfluous things in the living area and now I couldn't be more excited to break out the Christmas decorations and deploy them (strategically) throughout our new calmer space.

I have two wishlists going (and many idea lists for friends which must remain secret...) one on Polyvore and one on Etsy! Here are the first ten items I'm wishing for.
Christmas 2012

Lately I'm obsessing over quality, long wearing clothing pieces from brands like Madewell and JCrew. I'm loving the idea of a beautiful pair of leather riding boots, a soft and classic sleep set, a true chambray shirt, and an adorable sweater dress. I also love these little bits of jewelry from Madewell. A cute friendship bracelet, and a cat face pendant.

I've been wishing for the Instax Mini for years, and just recently settled on the Nikon 5100 as my new dream camera of choice. I've always wanted a record player (I have stacks of records I can't play!) and as well as this one, I love the idea of a wall mounted one.

The Wacom tablet is another thing I've wanted for a long time! I think having one would really help with the creation of content and graphics for the blog!

How are you preparing for the beginning of the Christmas season? Any progress on the gift buying front? I'm planning on making a lot this year, but I did purchase a few things for my sister and Nick already! 

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