Friday, November 30

Business Cards

A few months ago I was super excited to be the recipient of a MOO business card package from giveaway on Lexy Levin. I had been wanting to get business cards printed for the blog for a looong time so I was very pleased.

It took me a couple of months to land on a design that I liked (based on the ever changing blog layout) and then place my order. Despite the delay, when they arrived in the mail a couple of weeks ago I couldn't have been more proud or excited.

I chose a simple, text based design for the front of the card and a photograph for the back. I played around with a lot of different photos but in the end I went with something a little more abstract then just something from an outfit shoot. I'm super happy with the results and can't wait to hand these puppies out to the unsuspecting masses. I love having a card for my blog so when people are curious I can simply fish one out of my purse for them. ;)

I would highly recommend MOO -- it was exceptionally easy and the quality of the print is amazing.

Thanks to Lexy for the giveaway!

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