Wednesday, October 24

In my Beach Bag

As some of you may recall, Mr. Nick and I are taking a vacation this winter to the beautiful Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. My parents have been before and own a time share there and this time we will be joining them! Neither myself nor Nick have ever been on a beach vacation before and I could not be more excited. As we get closer to take off I'm ramping up my shopping and packing plans. We leave November 17th so as of today we're just a little over three weeks away!

First of all: This is my new beach bag. It's huge. It's also of very good quality (as far as I can tell) so I am justifying my purchase by saying it will last me for many many years and will fit the belongings of not only me but also Mr. Nick and whatever kidlets we have. Even if we have six. Because it's that huge.

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I'm planning on using this bag as my 'purse' carry-on and then packing a small purse for day use.

Here's a look at (approximately) what I'll be packing in said bag: 

What's in my Beach Bag

1. My Baggu tote that I purchased at J Crew this summer will make an excellent bag for wet suits and towels. Waterproof, spacious and fold-able. Genius.

2. This is my new bathing suit (also from J Crew)! I got a pretty good deal on it in a post summer sale, and was elated to discover (when it arrived in the mail a few weeks ago) that it fit! I had a pretty bad experience ordering a bathing suit from ASOS. It was low cut and I assumed would be structured in a way that would stop it from exposing the girls, but I was wrong. ANYWAY I am very happy with this suit! Especially the deep plum color.
3. Sunscreen is important and I will definitely be seeking out a 50+ SPF before we leave. I myself don't tend to burn, but my significant other is a ginger. Enough said.

4. I JUST purchased some great Turkish Pestemals (thin, hand woven and fast drying towels) from Etsy to both spruce up our bathroom and bring on our trip.

5. Sunglasses. I have never bought expensive ones but these do approximate the style of my ten dollar sunglasses from H&M.

6. A beach cover up is essential if you wanna stay classy and also protect your skin. I bought a light weight white shirt dress from The Gap to approximate this look.

7. This looks almost exactly like the straw hat my mum picked  up for me from Wallmart. Love her.

8. A second bathing suit is a must when you're planning on hitting the beach every single day. My second suit is a polka dot bikini from ASOS and a pair of high waisted bottoms.

9. My saltwaters will finally end up in the ocean like they're meant to. Hurrah!

10. I'll definitely be bringing my kobo loaded with some good reads for all that time in the sand.

11. My pop will be bringing his under water camera -- I'm sure we'll get into lots of mischief with that!

And there you have it! Besides the man's things, those are my beach vacation essentials. I'm going to be back with a list of other items I'm packing and a few tips and I'll be sure to let you know how it all works out.

What do you take to the beach? Have you been to Cabo? Tell me about it!

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