Wednesday, October 17

Tommy the Kitten (3)

This picture was taken a month or so ago when Nick left the bedroom door open and Tommy got to enter the one room in the house that has been expressly forbidden to him. He loved it of course. I don't know if it's the danger, the intrigue, or the unobstructed view of the parking lot from the bedroom window -- but it's probably his favorite room in the house. Every time he walked across our bed his nails made a hole in the light summer coverlet that replaced our duvet in June. Good thing I got that for twenty dollars mate, or you'd be in trouble.

Since then we've pulled out our duvet and and cozied up the bedroom for winter. I don't know if I'll be able to resist letting Tommy sleep with us when it starts getting really cold. His extra body heat might be a nice treat when I go to bed before Nick. ;) Of course one would have to wonder if he would actually let us sleep...

I have two outfit posts in the queue and I am completely torn as to when to post them and in what order. The problem is that in my last outfit post I was wearing my Gap chambray shirt and in the next two outfit posts I am also wearing the Gap chambray shirt. Haha. I told you it's my favorite!

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