Thursday, October 18

Thanksgiving: What I Wore

That's right, I wore this outfit on the first of our three turkey dinner nights this past Canadian Thanksgiving. Are you shocked to find my two new wardrobe staples back? My chambray and my pleated skirt! I think for the rest of fall you'll just see various combinations using these two items. That is unless I do any more shopping... (likely but frowned upon).

Our Thanksgiving this year was filled with turkey goodness, it was also the first year we hosted our own thanksgiving dinner. I was very honored to be the hostess for Nicks family! Tommy was determined to be the center of attention all night and more then once ended up locked in the bedroom for bad behavior. Hard to stay mad at him with those big green eyes!

Ricky's skirt, ASOS belt, gifted bracelet, GAP chambray shirt, Minnetonka moccasins

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