Friday, October 19

Right Now (5)

A semi-successful sewing project I did from the A Beautiful Mess' DIY Dress Up E Course
Reading: "A Visit From The Goon Squad" by Jennifer Egan. Not sure how I feel about this book -- it follows a handful of almost completely unconnected characters as they meander between their almost completely unconnected lives and it explores topics like the dark and unglamorous side of fame and the music business. Usually I like these kind of stories but for some reason this one is hit and miss for me. Some of the chapters I love and some of them not so much.

Watching:The Walking Dead season two finally hit netflix and we're all over that bad boy. Sadly season three is about to premier so we're actually still way behind. I've never had issues with watching gory things before but the first couple of episodes of this show have made it difficult to fall asleep -- not because of the gore or anything but because of my seriously real fear of zombies. I'm pretty sure in case of actual zombie apocalypse there is no way I would be surviving and now that we have a little kitten to take care of my thoughts have turned to "how can I give my kitten the best chance of survival in a zombie apocalypse". I'm pretty sure these are things most people don't fret over as they're tossing and turning in bed.

Listening to: Regina Spektors new music video for "How" from What we Saw from the Cheap Seats just came out!

Thinking about:Having a relaxing weekend in which I do not spend oodles of money. Infact, I'm thinking about going on a shopping fast. The problem being I'm not sure if I can do it... there's so much stuff I want. You know? Honestly this blog has been a bit of an enabler for me in that I tend to justify purchases by saying "If I have a new designer bag my outfits will be more interesting for the blog." This is a problem because I cannot afford a new designer bag. The good news is that I FINALLY did start the closet purge and am trying to focus myself on that rather then on buying new items. Maybe when the closet purge is done I can reward myself with new things...

Thankful for:I finally took my parka to the tailors to have the zipper replaced and we were recently reunited. If you didn't know, it gets friggen cold in Edmonton in the dead of winter and unlike most of my fellow Edmontonians I refuse to let that make me friggen cold. About four years ago I purchased the most amazing parka from Winners. It's lined in a super soft faux fur and it's long and ugly and has a hood that swallows my entire head and face. And it's perfect. It's a life savor. Anyway, last year my zipper broke midway through winter  but I didn't bother to fix it because we were having such a mild and beautiful season. Well this year I wanted to be prepared for the worst and being reunited with that parka is making me feel ready for anything.

The Boy is:Working hard on his blog Loading Checkpoint by playing all the new games that came out this month. He's also working really hard at his new job. He's in charge of staffing on a local hospital ward and they have him filling spots for Christmas vacation. It's a lot to do in your first week on the job but my man is a pro. ;)

Planning: This week we're both looking forward to spending some time together getting out of the apartment, seeing friends, and getting back to cooking good food from home! We've been eating out a lot lately and these past few weeks have marked a return to home cooking. We made leftover casserole on Monday, taco salad on Tuesday and perogies with a locally made sausage on Wednesday. We want to make some meal plans and stick with them for the next week and I'm thinking chicken pot pie, sloppy joes, baked squash and fall salad.

Happy Weekend friends!

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