Tuesday, October 16

Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin Patch

We looked at what I would wear if I could go Apple Picking this fall, now lets see what I would wear if someone would take me to a pumpkin patch. Hint Hint.

We have two pumpkin patches and corn mazes in Edmonton and I am dying to see the Prairie Gardens pumpkin patch which I have never been to. Last year we went to the Edmonton Corn maze with friends and when I brought it up to Nick this year he was all "I don't really like corn mazes". I was shocked. He has never before indicated to me his dislike of corn mazes. I think it is an obvious ploy to stay indoors and play more videogames. (And if you're wondering why I can't just go on my own it is because I don't drive and both places are outside of the city).

As far as fashion goes, I am drooling over these mustard Moccasin boots by Minnetonka. Also, the leather baggu bag = minimalistic and oh so awesome. The mustard anorak in this picture is meant to represent the similar one I purchased from the Gap recently and wore here. It's the prefect jacket for a corn maze. You could probably just disappear and then pop out when it's least expected. Fun times.

SO I will live vicariously through you, go get dressed and visit a corn maze/pumpkin patch immediately. Then show me pictures of you looking 'fierce' with some pumpkins. I am so jealous.

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