Monday, October 15

Polka Dots on Everything Please

Happy Monday!

Look who still looks tiny when I hold him? Haha. When I see him all stretched out I think he's getting really big, but when I see him being held I'm reminded he's still just a baby! (Or young adolescent in cat years? This explains his rebelliousness.)

In non cat related news (sorry about that diversion Nicole) I'm obsessed with this gap polka dot chambray. JCrew has one similar but it costs a smidgen more then fourty dollars and this lady is on a budget so I was thrilled to find it at Gap. Of course I had to go up a size because their button downs fit me really weird (the curse of being shaped like a friggen pear) which means it's a little too big for me in the shoulder area. Who cares? It's got polka dots.

Ricky's leggings, H&M leg warmers, Show Warehouse boots, Romwe sweater, ASOS earrings and necklace, GAP chambray shirt

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