Tuesday, October 30

October 2011 Flashback

I had such a hard time choosing which photo from this shoot to put here, haha, I love every one. This one shows my outfit off best. If I could be Steampunk every Halloween for forever I probably would. 
 Last October we:
Here are my favorite outfits from last fall:
Yes, I still am obsessed with stripes and my red sweater will also be making it's reappearance since coming out of storage this week. The trouble will be re-purposing it in some way you don't expect.... also... I'm back in my riding boots and missing Toms season already. Sadly, the skirt from the first picture no longer fits and the Shop Sosie dress from picture two is completely destroyed. That fabric had no stretch and after stepping on the hem once while putting it on it completely shredded. Haha.

I'm being serious. Shreds.

These outfits are not at all indicative of normal dressing during Canadian Octobers. Last year was one of the mildest years I can ever remember. This year all of those leaves are covered up by a foot of snow.

Some missteps from last fall:

I literally wore these pants once and gave them away about five minutes later. Terrible terrible old navy pants. What was I thinking? Wonder why I wore them with a longer sweater?

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