Wednesday, October 10

Nautical for Fall

 I am kinda obsessed with this dress.

For serious. It's a thicker knit so it skims bumps and bimples, and that same thickness plus a few extra layers makes it work for fall and winter. I am very very tempted to purchase six more of these shift dresses for the rest of the week. I'll have a Gap shift dress for each day of the week and then maybe one for Saturday. Sunday I will wear something else. But only on Sunday. This will make getting dressed easy and I will only need to shop for accessories. Closet problems solved.

This time I paired it with a vintage silk scarf, some cozy tights and socks, and my new red rain boots. I haven't had rain boots since I was a child and ever since I saw the lovely Elsie of A Beautiful Mess rocking her hunter rain boots I've desperately wanted a pair. HOWEVER, and that's in full caps for a reason, hunter rain boots are so out of my budget it's not even funny. In comes Beyond the Rack with their fun flash sales. When I saw these babies I instantly wanted them. Or at least, I instantly wanted their yellow brothers, however the yellow pair were sold out in my size so I picked these and am happy to say that they fit! They're pretty tight in the middle of the foot, which isn't particularly comfortable, but they fit very well in the toe area which is where my foot usually gets crushed. I will wear them diligently to 'break them in' if you can do that with an all rubber shoe. Any tips?

The head scarf was more out of necessity then anything, haha, does anyone else find they don't want to wash their hair when it's cold outside? I think about doing it and start shivering all the way down to my bones. It's a problem. Can anyone tell I learned to fishtail braid? It's remarkably easy and actually holds my hair a lot more securely which means my braid looks nice longer. I can't wait until my hair is longer so you can see it better!

Gap dress, Misty Mountain rain-boots from Beyond the Rack, H&M socks, Ricky's tights, vintage scarf, Smart Set sweater
Any one have some rubber boot tips for me?

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