Thursday, October 25

More Polka Dots (Because Why Not?)

You know how when you mix denim and denim you get a Canadian tuxedo? I feel like there should be a term like that for when you wear head to toe polka dots as well. Suggestions welcome below. ;)

I wore this outfit a couple weekends ago for some errands to the mall, hang out time with family, and dinner with Nicks parents. When I got up that morning I think I went through three or four different outfits before saying "screw it" and putting on my uber comfy gap chambray for probably the seventh time since I bought it just a couple weeks ago. It's just so soft! And neutral! And soft...

After deciding on that piece the rest of the outfit just fell together. I haven't worn this skirt in awhile because I've gained a massive amount of weight this year and I was scared to try it on and discover it didn't fit anymore as I purchased it years ago when I was a size eight. Well halleluiah it still fit! I added the  new green (ya, they're green despite how they look in these pictures) knee socks, some fun jewelry and my moccasins for a cozy fall touch.
It's amazing how good I feel when I spend a little extra time choosing an outfit. Nothing compares to the confidence gained in a fun outfit like this one! I think that discovering I could still fit into that skirt made me realize I need to stop fearing my wardrobe and start trying everything on again and purging the things that don't fit. I keep thinking I should keep them "for when I loose a few pounds" but in the meantime they're in my closet staring at me in the morning reminding me to hate myself. Well no thanks, you can go. When I do loose a few pounds it will be an excellent excuse to buy a new wardrobe thank you.

Gap polka dot chambray shirt, Smart Set polka dot skirt, Ardenes over knee socks, Minnetonka moccasins from Town Shoes, leather bunting necklace by Craftsbynesli on etsy, jeweled bee earrings from The Bay

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