Friday, October 5

Canadian Thanksgiving Weekend


This weekend is Thanksgiving long weekend here in Canada and it's promising to be action packed. Tonight Nick and I are taking his sister and a few friends to see Looper at our local theater, and hopefully getting some shopping done for the weekend. On Saturday Nick is planning on gaming with his friends and I need to clean the apartment in a desperate way. I think I may be able to convince the man to lend a hand. Saturday night we have our first dinner with friends, Sunday we're having our second dinner with family, and Monday we're hosting our first ever thanksgiving dinner at our apartment. Hence the cleaning and the shopping. This will be our first year taking on the turkey and we're planning on following Gordon Ramseys Christmas Turkey recipe (above). I'm a big Gordon fan and I don't think he'll steer me wrong (BACON) but if you have turkey making tips please feel free to leave them below! 

Since it's Thanksgiving weekend and you won't be hearing from me again till Monday I'll leave you with some things that I'm thankful for right now: 
  • A place to call home and food filling the refrigerator. 
  • The most wonderful significant other I could ever ask for and a strong relationship.
  • A sweet, special kitten who curls up on my chest and falls asleep while purring as loud as can be. Yes, he's a trouble maker, but he's also a little light in our lives.
  • Friends and family who care about us and are always there to lend a hand.
  • The fact that we're going to Mexico in six weeks!
  • Pumpkin patches, farmers markets, a rare blooming succulent, and all the other amazing things Edmonton has in store for us this fall. 
  • Our health and happiness. We really truly are blessed and so grateful at this point in our lives. 
  • Nicks new job! 
  • Bacon. 
  • And a surge of outfit inspiration thanks to some new pieces for fall. Look forward to more outfit posts in the next couple of weeks.
I hope everyone has a fantastic, lazy, food coma inducing weekend. Stay safe, don't party too hard, and get outside to enjoy the brisk weather before it turns to minus thirty. This is Canada after all. 

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