Thursday, October 11

Apple Picking

Apple Picking

I feel like I absolutely missed the whole 'fall' boat. I guess I was still commiserating over the decline of summer when I should have been out apple picking, visiting pumpkin patches and going for those long walks through the river valley. Now that we've had our first snow already I can only hope and pray for a few more intermittent days of warm fall temperatures.

I think half the problem is that I spend so much time reading blogs, American blogs specifically, that when I get back to my own life I realize that living on the prairies in Canada is not the same as living pretty much anywhere in the States. It's cold here and it gets colder a lot faster then South of the border. SO while all the other lovely ladies of the internet seem to be just posting their "Fall to do Lists" my fall is already almost over. Bummer.

I'm feeling really great about reading more Canadian, and specifically Albertan, style blogs right now. I had no idea there were so many of you ladies around! Where have you been the last two years? Of course the other problem we face in blogging is that many of us schedule posts a week in advance and in Edmonton a week is enough for the weather to completely change. Yes, yesterday it was snowing but a week ago it was +24!

Anyway, I'm taking my parka to the tailors to have the zipper replaced because preparation is good, but I'm still holding out hope I'll be able to wear an outfit similar to the one pictured above on a fall adventure like, you guessed it, apple picking. Even if I have to first duct tape some apples to one of our local barren and skeletal trees.

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