Friday, October 12

A Little Lace

Ricky's skirt, Urban Outfitters fox sweater, Romwe detachable collar, H&M knee high socks, Shoe Warehouse boots, and Gap mustard Anorak
So I gave in and bought some 'oxblood', or as we decided to call it, Wine colored items for fall. This skirt was on sale for thirty dollars at Ricky's so I snatched it up. The collar was an impulse purchase I made after seeing Kate from Scathingly Brilliant and her adorable detachable collars. I bought two  and this is my first time successfully wearing one of them. I find them incredibly awkward to style! They don't stay in place or lay down flat! I think maybe if I do it with double sided tape... also, where do you store something like this? It doesn't exactly fit in the jewelry box or with the scarves. To top it off one of my coworkers asked why I was wearing a doily on my neck. Haha. Thanks a lot guys. That's what I get for working with a bunch of dudes. Oh well, I like it despite its awkwardness.

The jacket is the perfect perfect fall to winter coat. I got it from Gap on sale from a hundred to thirty and I couldn't be more pleased. It's very soft and comfortable, baggy in a boyfriend cut kinda way and not a unattractive kinda way, and the perfect layering piece for other sweaters when it gets chilly. I reallly want to wear this jacket to a pumpkin patch but convincing Mr. Nick to go is turning out to be difficult. He's a major homebody, especially when it gets cold!

Someone was busy photo-bombing. Check out Tommy's tail peaking out from just behind me!

Have a fun, warm weekend friends! I would suggest bundling up before a fire or roasting marshmallows.

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