Tuesday, September 25

Western Canada Fashion Week

This week I was privileged to attend the second to last night of Western Canada Fashion week! Of course I dragged Nick along with me and although he was a little worried about being bored he now admits to having a pretty great time. There were several designers being showcased: Kelly Madden, Suka, Serendipity by Kelsey McIntyre, Luxx Ready to Wear, and Bano eeMee.

I really enjoyed Suka (which I didn't get any good pictures off unfortunately), Serendipity and Bano eeMee. Not to say I didn't enjoy every designer, but those three were my favorites.

It was such a special experience for me. I always want to remember how I felt when I saw my first fashion show. The lights, the buzz, the style all around me and the realization that there are a bunch of fashion bloggers in my city I had no idea existed. Eye opening all around. ( I have never seen so many ladies in stilettos in my life.)
These skirts by Serendipity: Kelsey McIntyre were so me. I could envision wearing them.
Another look from the Serendipity collection. This one was my absolute favorite!
This yellow jacket by Bano eeMee kills me. Also, how much does that model look like Summer Glau? Anyone?
Rockin' the knicker shorts for Bano eeMee
and my second favorite look of the night. I adore the sweet little clasp on this Bano eeMee jacket.

 I'll be sharing the outfit that I wore to the event later. ;)

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