Wednesday, September 12

Tommy The Kitten (1)

Here are some Tommy pictures. I knew you would like to see them. ;) Tommy is a growing, rambunctious boy and I have to admit that we forgive him a lot of things we probably shouldn't. For  a start there's the 'rough housing' (which means devouring of flesh to little Tommy) and his strange insistence that garbage cans are just upside down play houses. However, we can't be upset with him for very long because once he's played himself out he curls up right under your chin and falls asleep with his little arms around your neck and his cheek against your cheek. It's those moments that cause us to fall crazy mad in love with the little guy, and we build up our patience that way.

We really feel like he's our little cat child, and if that makes us insufferable I am first to admit guilt. I wanna be the best cat mama I can be to this little life. I always thought of my parents cat as 'my cat' but wow, I had no idea how much responsibility there is when you're the sole (or almost sole) caretaker of a pet. For some reason forking out money on vaccines and surgery, giving him medicine and taking care of his basic needs have made me feel like more of an adult, and more attached to the little one then I ever dreamed. Practice child? Either way, he's such a treat.
As with most cats, he has a fledgling love of boxes and all things cardboard which means that no boxes are getting recycled and our apartment is a menagerie of shoe boxes, house appliance boxes, and small bits of cardboard that have been torn asunder from boxes.

Ahhh. To be a cat on a rainy day.

Tell me about your pets.

Alternatively, berate me for the cat pictures. I deserve it. ;)

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