Tuesday, September 18

The In-between

With all the posting about fall you would think it's already here. The truth is that fall is still a few weeks away: the leaves aren't quite turning and we still have the occasional day with a high of 26 degrees. To bridge the summer and fall weather I've been wearing bright summery colors with a few fall pieces mixed in. My new moccasins have already seen better days after having been rained all over a couple weeks ago. They also appear to be slightly too big now. Which is unfortunate. They're still very wearable and I think they give each outfit a nice fall spin. My J Crew dress is very summery and when mixed with this sunny warm cardigan from H&M I feel like I really am living in the in-between season.

JCrew dress, H&M cardigan and belt, Minnetonka  Moccasins, and Modcloth necklace
I wore this outfit on a very special errand this weekend that I can't wait to tell you about. Mums the word for now. ;)

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