Wednesday, September 26

Right Now (4)

Reading: I did it. I finished the Southern Vampire Mystery Series. And it was awesome. Really. When I started the books a few months ago I had no idea how addicting they would be. Well, despite myself I must say that I'm more then a little excited for Ms. Harris to complete the next book in the series. In the meantime I've purchased a few more books to keep myself reading. I have Cloud Atlas, Gone Girl, some Richard Castle, A Visit from the Goon Squad, and a few classics like The Great Gatsby all waiting on my kobo.

Watching: Nick and I are currently enjoying Luther on Netflix, also, I'm falling in love with the show "The New Normal". Every single episode makes me cry. It's kinda weird considering it's supposed to be a comedy.

Listening to: CKUA. We Albertans are lucky enough to have our very own listener funded radio station and I cannot gush enough about CKUA. If you don't live in Alberta you can tune in online and you won't be sorry. Best radio ever.

Thinking about: Purging my closet. I know I've said it before but this time I'm actually going to do it! (Maybe). This past summer I made an attempt to purge my closet and didn't get very far but now that fall is here I'm feeling motivated again!

Thankful for: Fresh fruit and vegetables and our friends who will share from their gardens. I'm getting into the fall spirit by baking pies, zucchini cake, and potato casseroles.

The Boy is: Proud to announce that he got the new job he applied for! I'm really proud of him and we're super excited to spend more (yes, even more!) time together now that he'll be working regular nine to five hours. I'm very excited that I won't have to memorize his weekly (sporadic) work schedule. Hopefully this will mean we can get out and enjoy fall together!

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