Friday, September 21

Right Now (3)

Loving:Fall is the perfect season to indulge in the Chai Tea Latte.

Reading:I am now finishing up the second to last Sookie Stackhouse book (Dead Reckoning) and it's killing me -- what will I read when it's over?? I am most certainly taking suggestions. It's been such a good couple of months for reading. I haven't read this much in years! Having a continuing series to demolish has been some of the best fun.

Watching:We just finished Top Gear series 17. I now want a Nissan Leaf and Nick wants some other fast thing I wasn't paying enough attention to ... I mostly just watch for the humor what can I say.

Listening to:Regina Spektors "What We Saw From the Cheap Seats". Again. I really can't say enough good things about this album, Regina never fails to fill my heart with happiness.

Thinking about: Fall shopping, and mixing my fall shopping with my vacation shopping. I'm hoping I can get some really good deals on summer items. I still need a bathing suit coverup, and some basic T's and tank tops.

Thankful for: All the fun opportunities we had this week to get out of our comfort zones and see some more of our city!

The Boy is: Hoping he'll get the new job he applied for, catching up with his friend who was out of town for a week, and writing away getting ready to start posting again on his blog, Loading Checkpoint.

I hope everyone has an excellent weekend, over here it's going to be pretty low key. Nick is working all weekend but we have plans with friends for Saturday night, and I would love to get to the movie theater and check out Resident Evil 5 or Dredd 3D!

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