Thursday, September 6

Right Now (2)

Loving: Bruschetta. If I could have it every single meal I probably would. Or I would alternate with avocado on toast... bruschetta and avocado on toast. Every day.

Reading: Dead and Gone (From the Southern Vampire Mystery Series by Charlaine Harris.) Yep. I'm still at it. It's hard to believe I've been through 2 of these books since last Wednesday. I only have a few left! WHAT WILL I READ WHEN THEY'RE OVER. It's a good thing for me this is an ongoing series... Suddenly excited about 2013. ;p

Watching:Nick and I were pleased to discover this week that Netflix now has Community Season 2 and 3! We've already watched seven episodes and we did it all in one sitting. Nope, nothing wrong with us. SIX SEASONS AND A MOVIE.

Listening to: Yesterday I discovered me some new and amazing Tim Minchin songs. That guy can write. Like seriously. I had only ever heard his more comedic songs before, but he's got a lot more in his repertoire then just the funnies.

Thinking about: Suddenly getting excited about going to Mexico for a week in November. I read an article on how to pack for vacation yesterday and since then I've been thinking about it non stop. If you were in my head right now it would be like "Oooh I need a pair of comfortable sandal wedges for walks on the beach and fancy dinners, and I would really love a cute pair of retro sneakers! How bout a white button down as a bathing suit coverup? Oh and that article suggested using only carry-on luggage so I had better buy a new carry-on.... WEDDINGS ARE PRETTY...." because I read a lot of wedding blogs OK.

Thankful for: My amazing boyfriend who puts up with all of my craziness, shopping habits, has never once complained about not having any space in the closet, and accepts that he is the official pooper scooper with very little bitterness. Thanks love.

The Boy is: Celebrating his dads birthday this week! AND we're having his sister over for a slumber party on the weekend to celebrate her birthday. Lots of birthdays in that family right now!

Stole the idea for this post from Liz who was inspired by Danielle. Thanks ladies.

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