Friday, September 28



Oxblood. I remember when I was a kid and friends of ours painted the outside of their little cabin in the color 'Oxblood'. It was a strange color choice at the time when all the other little cabins were painted in pastels and the neutral tones of nature. My mum painted ours green so that it would 'disappear into the foliage'. We all thought the choice of a color called 'Oxblood' was a little odd, although the results couldn't be argued with. The cabin was this deep plum color that stood out without being jarring. It made a statement. Now I know our friends were actually about nine years ahead of the trend when they chose that color.

Still, I must ask you now as I asked my mother then -- can we just call it 'wine'? How about 'Bordeaux'  or 'Aubergine'? We could probably call it burgundy or how about 'dark red'.

There's no doubt it's an alluring color, one that mirrors some of the deepest most intriguing colors found in fall. Despite this, I have to be honest, all the talk about the color 'oxblood' has my mind filled with mutilated cattle. SO I'm going to continue calling it Wine. Thanks very much.

What do you think about the color Wine?

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